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The 2020 St Paul Lacrosse Summer Registration is now open!


  1. Registration –  Earlier registrations will allow the coaches to better plan with team formations.  The prices for 2020 will remain the same as last year.


  2. Shorts and Spirit Wear – we made a transition this year to Squad Locker for our team shorts and spirit wear, featuring the new St Paul logo.  The switch will allow for more flexibility in ordering, a larger selection, and high quality products at more affordable prices.  NOTE - after registering, each player must order a new pair of Badger Blend Panel Shorts.  Also, the Squad Locker site will be open all season long and is a fund raiser for St Paul lacrosse, which has enabled us to freeze the registration fees for 2020.  Shipping time is approximately 2 weeks.  Happy shopping and thank you for your continued support.

  3. Rental Gear – if needed, boy’s lacrosse gear can be rented for a $50 fee and will be distributed at the season’s kick-off event.  Other arrangements can be made, if necessary.


  4. Contact Info – for other questions, comments, or concerns please contact:
    1. Matt Kaker, President                             651-283-7391
    2. Stephanie Nonnemacher, VP         651-247-5603



Practice and games will be held in the rain. 


If a storm happens during a scheduled event all players must leave the field. A game can not continue until the environment is free of lightning for 30 continuous minutes. 


If it is storming prior to a scheduled event we will contact you at least 30 minutes prior with a cancellation decision.


It is up to the referees to cancel a game, this is out of our hands.


Girls Lacrosse Co-op with Roseville Lacrosse Association

We are planning to co-op with Roseville Girls Lacrosse again for the Summer 2020 Season.  If you are interested in playing Girls Lacrosse please use the SPLAX contact for more information! 


Boys team playing great defense

One of our boys players showing good defensive positioning

Attacking the net, going for the win! Sprinting towards the goal

New to Lacrosse? Welcome!!

You will soon be apart of the fastest growing sport in the country. Both boys and girls teams have seen roughly a 30% increase in the number of schools sponsoring the sport. Youth lacrosse is growing rapidly and we are glad you are going to now be apart of it! For newcomers, we will teach you everything you need to know about Lacrosse including:

  • Basic lacrosse knowledge
  • The rules of the game
  • Essentials for gameplay
  • and of course, how to HAVE FUN!

US Lacrosse offers a great introduction on what you need to know as a parent. Click here to check out their site.


New US Lacrosse Age Groups for 2020 Coming soon!

8U (TBD)

10U (TBD)

12U (TBD)

14U (TBD)



Are you ready to play lacrosse? Here is a wall ball challenge. Are you up for it - Click Here


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